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I like different fandoms such as Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Merlin, Robin Hood BBC, Dresden Files, LOTR, POTC, Star Trek, Lost Girl, Stargate, Peter Pan, The Big Bang Theory, James Bond, LOTS, Bablyon 5, Marvel and DC universe.

Oh and I forgot to mention Sanctuary and Farscape.

I know there's a lot more fandoms, but that's all I'm going to list for now. And my favorite charaters are played by Alan Rickman or Jason Isaacs. Especially Severus Snape or Lucius Malfoy.

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  1. i’m starting again. tearing my flesh -
    stripped to the bone, the all that i’ve grown;
    it’s taken the winter to find who i am.

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    If you need an illustration of how fast and how far Tom Hiddleston’s star has risen in the past three years, compare and contrast his last two appearances at San Diego Comic-Con. In 2010, Hiddleston sat on stage as Thor director Kenneth Branagh outlined plans for the forthcoming movie, introduced Chris Hemsworth and Hiddleston. There was a brief Q&A, Hiddleston answered one question, and everyone went home. Fast forward to July 20, 2013, an army of 6000 fans repeatedly scream ‘Loki’ in a manner so fevered as to make One Direction concert-goers look like a chapter of tongue-tired Trappists. GQ NOV 2013

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  6. I’m nice…ishhh.

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Tom Hiddleston images
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  15. betsypaige22:


    3.14 // 4.01

    Suck it, Zelena.

    She would, but she’s too busy sucking dirt or wherever she is

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"Doctor, is there an alien in this school? "

    "Doctor, is there an alien in this school? "

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